Human Rhythms

Experts in getting people to work together!

Using drums and rhythm, your team or corporate event will be thoroughly transformed with the power of teamwork and the energy of the drum circle.

TEam Building

When you want high-energy, motivation and 100% participation in a conference, workshop or any corporate event – highly engaging


No matters how big your team are , everyone’s heart will beat at the same rhythm!

Fun & Easy

There is no language or nationality barrier , when we speak with rhythm

What we do

Human Rhythms provides high quality, value-for-money activities tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We facilitate our programs with enthusiasm and flair, working very hard to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Human Rhythms corporate drumming and team building programs are well suited to support:

  • staff conferences
  • team building events
  • corporate activity days
  • staff development
  • motivational events
  • gala and awards dinners

Our team is dedicated to providing you the highest quality experience designed to produce results! We achieve this by creating an environment where you, the participant, will truly learn.

So whatever your teamwork requirements, give Human Rhythms – the teamwork specialists –  the opportunity to provide you with a detailed proposal, at no cost or obligation, and we will ensure that you have a memorable and rewarding event.

how we do

We have delivered team building programs in many parts of the world – Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, South Africa, Fiji and many other locations. This means you can relax. Partnering with Human Rhythms means that your corporate team building program will be exactly what it should be: effortless for the meeting planner, effective in its outcomes and enjoyable.

  • Engaging: Corporate people want to be engaged and challenged. We introduce the perfect mix of challenge and fun into every event.
  • Organised: From the very first phone call, to the first moment a participant enters the Drum Circle every detail is accounted for. Our meticulous attention to detail allows your participants to relax, play, interact, and engage.
  • Experience: Human Rhythms delivers numerous team building and teamwork programs every year to demanding and satisfied clients across many countries. Our team has significant corporate and training experience and we know how to improve business team work.
  • Tailored Programs: We are not afraid of a challenge. If our standard programs need a tweak or you have a particular team objective we will accept the challenge to tailor a program just for you. 
  • Programs Anywhere: We travel wherever your people will be.
  • Fully Flexible Programs: For inside a ballroom to the ocean beach, from your office to regional town halls, 15 people to 1,500 people, and everything in between, we offer top quality programs to fit your need. 
  • Real Team Development. Human Rhythms has partnered with key providers of a range of team development programs. Programs that look at recognizing and understanding each others strengths, team charters, conflict resolution, creativity and brainstorming, full team clinics and team development days.

important fact about us!

 Most of our programs are facilitated without one single word spoken.

  • Human Rhythms corporate drumming is the perfect fun team building activity, is an effective way to motivate staff and is a great conference energizer
  • Whilst we have a range of programs to suit any corporate event we are very happy to accept your group development challenge and build a program aimed at achieving your specific objectives

If your team is not realizing its full potential and you’re extremely excited about changing that, Human Rhythms can definitely help you.

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