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Benefits of Drumming

The benefits of drumming for teamwork are many - here are some

When people feel good they will achieve more

Motivating people with corporate drumming and turning groups into teams is what Human Rhythms is all about. When your staff are motivated, they feel good and this helps them achieve more - just like these people.

The benefits of a Human Rhythms drum circle for corporate teams include:

  • Illustrates the importance of diversity
  • Broadens listening and communication skills
  • Develops a sense of connection among team members
  • Reduces the effects or work-related stress, anxiety and team conflict
  • Helps improve team motivation and strengthens team-working skills
  • It's a fun team building activity

Benefits of the drum circle for you include:

  • Drum circles often hold the same charge as outdoor activities and are accessible to all people
  • The mental challenges associated with music making have been shown to increase a person's capacity for logical thinking and problem solving
  • Music is a non-verbal form of communication. It allows people to share ideas and concepts that transcends the boundaries of language and culture - a real unifying experiences in multi-cultural organisations
  • Music is a universal language so everyone can participate - including the deaf.
  • Drum circles can be presented on and off site, need minimal setup and space compared to many teambuilding activities and integrate well with other types of programs

When people feel good, they bring out their best work.

Feeling good helps mental efficiency, making people better at understanding information as well as being more flexible in their thinking.

An upbeat mood means that people view the world around them (including team members and events) in a more positive light. That, in turn, helps people feel more optimistic about achieving a goal, enhances creativity and decision making skills. Importantly, this mindset also encourages people to be helpful and to make a contribution that enhances the co-operative spirit of the team.

A Human Rhythms experience is the perfect starting point for this. Have a look at our programs for corporate teamwork

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