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The Team Play Shop

Engage your people, improve communication and build relationships for better business outcomes

Duration: 180 - 240 minutes

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Improved communication for enhanced team performance

Irrespective of your type of business, the theme of your next conference, workshop or meeting one of your underlying objectives will be to motivate, unite and inspire your people, your team - that's what happens with the Play Shop.

Business transformation occurs when we understand, respect and celebrate each other’s differences. By understanding what motivates us, we would find greater significance in who we are, and value in what we do, resulting in greater productivity - and this is what happens with The Team Play Shop.


How does the Play Shop work?

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Play Shop Outcomes

Whilst we will always tailor the Play Shop to meet your specific objectives, some typical outcomes include:

  • Teams will better understand why team members act the way they do
  • An increase in individual pride and worth
  • The ability to stengthen relationships
  • Building of strong, positive attitudes
  • Improve job satisfaction and productivity
  • Understanding of the stages of team development and how to make them work
  • Provide some skills and techniques to better deal with people
  • To be able to strengthen relationships in a time of uncertainty
  • To create an appreciation and respect of others through understanding others style of influence, and more importantly, speak their language, resulting in professionalism and better communications being applied
  • To increase business profitability and core competencies by concentrating staff attention on essential people issues, working in a thriving environment that complements their style.
  • To improve productivity, and job satisfaction
  • Understanding that different is not wrong – “just different.”



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